VIP Lounge FAQ

How many levels does the VIP Lounge have?

The VIP Lounge at Playmillion has 6 levels. The higher the level you achieve the more cashback and benefits you are eligible for.

How do I get into a higher level?

You will accumulate VIP points with every wager on all games. At the beginning of every month your VIP Points of the previous month are evaluated and based on your total, you will be assigned a level for the current month.

What are VIP Points?

VIP Points are accumulated with every wager on all games and determine which level you will be assigned to each month so that you may receive your monthly benefits. They can also be converted to Cash in the Cashier.

How are VIP Points calculated?

VIP Points are accumulated when a player wagers in the Casino. There are different ratios for different games. Click here to see the table.

What do I get for reaching a higher level?

If you reach a higher level, you will be entitled to all the benefits listed in the Benefits Table. If there is a bonus for reaching that level, you will be able to claim it in the Bonus Area of the Cashier within 3 days.

What happens if I do not play for a month?

You can only drop one level per month.
For example, if you are on Platinum Level the lowest level you can be on the following month is Gold. We will always make exceptions for special members so contact us if you have any queries.

In which level do I start?

Every player starts in level Bronze.

When are the levels evaluated?

On the 1st of each calendar month, the VIP Points for the previous month are checked and players will be assigned their level for the current month.

How many points are necessary to get to Level Platinum?

The following table shows the VIP levels and the required monthly points to reach and maintain each Level.

What are the rewards for each level?

To see what benefits you are eligible for please have a look at our VIP Benefits Table. The benefits for each level are listed there including bonuses for reaching and maintaining a specific level and even free cash to try out our new games. You can also convert your points into cash at the rate explained in the table.

How can convert my VIP Points to Cash?

To convert your VIP Points to cash, go to the Members Area in the casino and click on Points to Cash in the menu on the left. Simply enter the number of points you would like to convert and the system will preview how much you will get. Click on Confirm and the cash is yours.

Where can I see my current VIP Points?

There are many ways to see how many VIP Points you currently have.

Your current points balance is displayed in the Casino lobby next to your Real Money Balance. You may also find your current VIP Points counter and your total VIP Points counter in the Points to Cash section of the Member’s Area.

How can I see which level I am in?

You can see your current VIP level in the Casino lobby next to your Real Money balance and also within the Points to Cash section of the Member”s Area.